Gift Guide: For the Natural Dyer

This holiday season we have decided to do a round up of our favorite products for the different interests and lifestyles shared by our customers, and ourselves! We put these guides together in case you’re shopping for someone who fits into one of these descriptions, or you find yourself suited to a list and you decide to pass along the link with someone you know that is on the gift hunt for you!

All of the items in this gift guide will be marked 20% off until December the 20th.


Our first guide is for all of you who share our enthusiasm for natural dyes! We find that natural dyers are people who enjoy a slow paced afternoon at home, or spent out hiking and foraging in the woods. Dyers tend to also enjoy gardening and love figuring out colors they can grow themselves. Dyers are people who like to add meaning to everyday objects, relish in really knowing a subject completely, and typically enjoy learning about traditional crafting methods from across the world. They usually care about what they put into their bodies, and also think about what they put on their bodies - including the materials they wear the the kinds of chemicals that go into them. Does this ring a bell? Then read on for our gifting suggestions!

Take Advice from an Expert:

We are huge fans of this incredible natural dye book, Natural Color, by Sasha Duerr. This book is suited for both beginners and seasoned dyers alike, and takes a seasonal approach to natural dye materials and experiments.

Start With a Blank Slate:

We carry these stunning 100% silk charmeuse scarves and skeins of 100% spun silk yarn specifically for dye projects. Obviously we are all firmly on the wool and alpaca train, but sometimes you just cannot beat the incredible sheen of something made from 100% silk. Both of these products take natural dye beautifully and easily when mordanted because they are both protein fibers.

Layer In Some Natural Color:

While our impulse as modern crafters learning a traditional dye technique is to dye on pure white materials, many traditional techniques involve dying multiple natural colors of yarn in a single dye pot to create deeper hues of a single color. Echoview makes a range of stunning yarns that use only the color grown by different varieties of wool and shades of alpaca. If you really want to impress the natural dyer in your life, get them a range of our yarns: PacaWool, 75% American Alpaca and 25% Wool, or AmeriPaca, a 100% American Alpaca yarn. Let them experience how different natural color bases can bring out incredible variety in a single dye pot. These yarns are unique, luxurious, and sustainable.

Add Some Brilliant Color:

We grow some of our own dyes here at the mill, and some of our most prolific plants are madder root, and weld. These two plants can become a staple in most natural dye gardens, so it can be helpful to try out a dye project with these plants to get started working with the material you hope to grow. Most dyers work by the plan to have a basic red, yellow, and blue dye. Madder creates a range of color from gentle pink to deep red, while weld provides a pleasant and hardy yellow. We dehydrate these materials and package them up just for you!