Gift Guide: For the Homebody

This holiday season we have decided to do a round-up of our favorite products for the different interests and lifestyles shared by our customers, and ourselves! We put these guides together in case you’re shopping for someone who fits into one of these descriptions, or you find yourself suited to a list and you decide to pass along the link with someone you know that is on the gift hunt for you!

All of the items in this gift guide will be marked 20% off until December the 20th.


This guide is for the homebody. Many of us here at the fiber mill are homebodies, so we love designing and making products that speak to that lifestyle. In a world that pushes us to keep constantly busy and relentlessly connected, we support the desire to retreat into your own space and enjoy your own company in comfort. The homebody embraces quiet moments, cups of tea, cozy blankets, DIY project for their home, and making something to give to others.

Get Comfortable:

When we think about the end of a long day, or how to enjoy a winter weekend, nothing quite comes to mind like putting our feet up by the fire and knitting. Add to that vision a lightweight but super warm blanket knit from Alpaca and Wool, and a pot of our favorite tea and you’ve just about summed up heaven. We knit the Microstripe Throw Blankets here at the mill using an industrial knitting machine because nobody in their right mind wants to do hand knitting this small. We use one end of yarn made from 100% wool, and one end made of 100% Alpaca, giving us a really comfortable and warm combo. The blanket is big enough to completely coverup, or to get cozy with two. Sometimes when knitting, these blankets get small holes, usually we can fix this, but when we cant, we have material for making other products - that is how our Teapot Warmer came to be. Quilted from blanket remnants and over dyed with indigo, the cozy is lined with wool batting that will keep a teapot warm so that you can enjoy each last sip.

Make for your Space:

If you know of a homebody who might be interested in a quick and fun DIY project that can easily be hung up for display, we love these embroidery kits by Asheville based CozyBlue Handmade. With so many styles to choose from, these kits are wonderful for experienced crafters or for kids or teens just getting into the handmade. The kits come with everything needed to create the finished piece, which can be stitched as a patch, framed and hung on the wall, or simply left in the embroidery hoop and hung up or placed on the mantle. For a more serious crating endeavor, our Sheepskin Rug Knit Kit makes a wonderful home accessory. Born out of a love of the look of a sheepskin rug, and the love of a vegetarian husband, our Haley Yarn is used to create a soft and cozy sheepskin rug that can be used to decorate your home. The Sheepskin Rug loos great draped across the back of your favorite chair, makes a wonderful playmat for a baby, and can be used to keep warm when draped across your lap.

We love this book, A Well-Crafted Home, because it has 60 DIY projects for the home as well as really wonderful tips and decorating secrets. What crafty homebody isn’t constantly on the lookout for more inspiration?

Our Lanyard Yarn is made from 100% Organic Cotton and comes with about 271 yards on the one pound cone. This yarn is wonderful for knitted projects for the home, but also works well to just keep on hand in the kitchen when you need to wrap something up, hang some herbs to dry, or tidy up unruly cords.

Take Care:

Spending time at home often gives us a little extra time to take care of the little things, and time to take care of ourselves. Slowing down the epic pace of life is not only shown to be good for our mental and emotional health, but good for the environment and the people around us as we consume less and care more. We love products that encourage us to slow down and simplify. The Mender’s Companion by The Far Woods is a wonderful (and affordable) little zine that helps us to take better care of the garments and home goods that we already have at home to help them last a little longer. It also offers wonderful tips for those looking to exit the fast-fashion cycle and embrace a simpler pace. Everyday Oil is a product that initially caught our eye because of its very simple use instructions:

“Use Everyday ./ All Over”

We love the idea that you can give the gift of simplicity to someone who already does, or simply needs to, take that extra time to spend with themselves. Of course, self-care means so much more than taking a bath and then covering yourself in delicious smelling oil, but it is a good start!

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