Gift Guide: For the Weaver

This holiday season we have decided to do a round-up of our favorite products for the different interests and lifestyles shared by our customers, and ourselves! We put these guides together in case you’re shopping for someone who fits into one of these descriptions, or you find yourself suited to a list and you decide to pass along the link with someone you know that is on the gift hunt for you!

All of the items in this gift guide will be marked 20% off until December the 20th.


This guide is for the weaver in your life. We talk about knitting here (a lot) but many of us are also weavers, or were even weaver before we became knitters. Weaving traditionally started out as a simple practice with a warp on a simple frame and transitioned into one of the most fundamental parts of human history. Tools became more complex, and the industrial revolution seemed to take weaving further and further from the household and made it less accessible as a hobby. What we love about modern weavers is their willing ability to jump back into the craft as complete beginners with the simplest of tools and use the warp and weft to create beautiful expressions of their innermost nature and feelings. They are often self taught, and spend years accumulating one technique at a time until they transcend into the realm of seasoned expert.

Cheers to the weavers, you guys are the best.

Jump Right In:

If you’re really looking to impress, go ahead and take a look at this lovely Flip Rigid Heddle Loom made by Schacht Spindle Company. This handy loom has up to 30” of weaving space and is easy to warp and weave on. We absolutely love these looms and use them to weave all kinds of rugs. In face, we teach a weaving class on these babies featuring our Rug Yarn (see below!) because it is one of the most satisfying ways to learn to weave. The beauty of these looms is that you can put on a sizable warp and weave something quite long, or you can use a shorter warp to create a small tapestry while letting the rigid heddle save you the time of having to create your shed every row you weave with a shed stick. Afraid that the weaver in your life might have no idea what on earth we’re talking about? Pair this loom with this lovely book, Inventive Weaving on a Little Loom and they will be all set.

Jazz Up Your Warp:

These are two of our yarns that both knitters and weavers alike adore. The Recycled Yarn Collective is an extremely unique yarn that looks wonderful when woven because 10% of the yarn is made up of recycled yarn and sweater scraps that are hand blended to go with their soft USA Merino base. One of the pleasures of working with this yarn is getting to experience and examine each little pop of color in detail as you work with it, while also enjoying the overall effect created by the colors from afar. If you think the weaver you’re shopping for tends to enjoy a more natural pallet, our Botanically Dyed Yarn is a great pick, and also a bit of a wonderful mystery! When shopping this yarn you simply select a colorway or a “Mystery 3” option and we carefully select the color for you based on what we currently have cooking up in the dye kitchen. Many of the colors we use are locally grown or harvested, and may have slight variegations which make them really fun to weave with.

Go Big:

We love that so many weavers are embracing the addition of BIG yarn into their practice! Some even opt for a simpler option and go for roving which can be used as a weft material to create a pop of color and texture, or a backdrop to something dramatic. We’ve been putting together these delightful Natural Fiber Felting Boxes featuring twelve .5oz balls of our different fiber blends, but just because it says felting doesn’t mean that a weaver wouldn’t flip for this delightful box of roving bon bons. Alternatively, we also make a big big yarn - Rug Yarn. While not only to be used for rug weaving, this yarn is popular also among macrame artists, knitters, and tapestry weavers for the volume and drama it adds to a project.

Then Go Small:

Just because you’re using big yarn or have bit weaving ambitions doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try going small! We love these two little looms because they are easy to transport, easy to play with, easy to learn on, and easy to use. The Pop-Out Loom by Black Sheep Goods is such a wonderful gift when paired with one of our Yarn Grab Bags because it can be quickly set up and warped to make your own little 5.5 x 8” tapestry. It is perfect for beginners or for experienced weavers who just want to get away from a bigger loom for a while. If you want to go even smaller, try out one of these Loome Tools created by Loome! They are super versatile and can be used to create tiny weavings, pom poms, tassels, friendship bracelets, woven cord… Small enough to fit just perfectly in a stocking, your gift recipient can also find countless instructional videos on Loome’s website and on YouTube.

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