Casual Luxury for your Every Day

I named this blanket the “Everyday Throw” because its design was distilled down to one of distinct simplicity. I imagine this blanket warming laps while reading a good book in the best corner of the house, wrapped around a loved one or two while watching the latest binge-worthy show, or draped around shoulders on a cool morning while enjoying the first cup of coffee. At least, that’s how I use mine.  

This blanket was my first project at Echoview, and I remember being prompted in my first Monday meeting with “Blanket Project – develop wool and alpaca blends.” I found myself facing a wide open and boundless sea, in search of the perfect seashell. I was excited by the creative freedom I had been given and I ran through so many different designs and iterations before landing on the final design. I experimented with mixing alpaca fiber and wool fiber in various ways, the results of which I have infused into other products. After much editing, I came to view this blanket as a foundation; the research and development I put into it laid the groundwork for the knitted goods I have designed since. I opted to stick with a neutral and primary palette that I think can be complementary to a wide range of décor styles. I chose a few different shades of alpaca yarn to combine with un-dyed wool and knitted the blanket in a striped links-links structure that created a luminous, blended color. I think the Everyday Baby Alpaca Throw Blanket’s simplicity and variety of colors make it the perfect accent piece for almost any room.  

I can say from experience that this blanket is awesome in summertime, because alpaca fiber and wool fiber are both temperature regulating. Both fibers have the ability to absorb up to 30% of their weight in moisture, so they absorb and release perspiration which helps expedite your body’s natural cooling process. I don’t use air conditioning at home, but like to sleep with the fan on and something covering my body—this throw blanket is comfortable even when my bedroom is 88 degrees, because it’s breathable, soft and just the right weight. Both fibers also naturally keep a layer of air next to your skin that retains body heat and keeps you warm when it’s cold out, so this blanket is perfect for all seasons.

The multi-part wool fiber and high-tensile strength of alpaca fiber make this blanket super durable. It is a sustainable product not only because the fibers are renewable and responsibly sourced, but also because it will last for years and years with proper care. We use American Rambouillet and fine Merino wool and the highest quality baby alpaca fiber from Peru. Both wool and alpaca fiber resist flame naturally, so we don’t have to treat our products with harmful chemicals.

I think this blanket is a great piece that can be neutral or add a bright pop of color to your home. It coordinates with our throw pillows perfectly, so you can build a beautiful collection of eco-friendly accessories in your space.