Girl Crush: Mountain Biking Women

By Grace Gouin

Our final test drivers for the Alpaca Trekker Socks were good friends Morgan and Sarah, mountain bikers from Asheville! They took us to one of their favorite trails, the Hard Times Trail in Bent Creek, just outside of town. Even in their fitted clipless shoes, the socks performed like a charm. Morgan shared some thoughts on the celebration of badassery and how that feels good for the soul!


"As a lover of the outdoors, mountain biking just clicked for me. Especially here in the Blue Ridge Mountains, there is nothing quite like a lung busting climb, using your whole body to get you to this one place; and once you get there, it is full of colors and the air is crisp and clean, then getting to ride through these amazing rhododendron tunnels with the wind in your face. Being fairly new to the sport I have been truly impressed with how welcoming the bike community has been, it’s this combination of the people I have met and the amazing vistas I have been able to witness, that have elevated my passion for it. Every time I get on my bike and start a ride, I am amazed and grateful for the opportunity to be where I am.

At the end of each ride, there is a common theme amongst riders; there is always an excitement for the effort we all just put out, there is an encouraging and celebratory vibe that conveys an appreciation for each others ‘badassness’. These are the things that drive us to be better and continue to improve our skill, to get to the top of a mountain and share our gratitude for places we would otherwise rarely get to experience."


Grace Gouin