Good-Bye Daily Grind!

By Grace Gouin

Sure, we are usually focused on knitting as our form of meditation over here, but when we asked our friend, John (known to us as "Uncle John"), to be part of our sock test drive, we learned that running is its own type of meditation. Especially running in nature. 


I really enjoyed the socks and they felt great while I was running.  Running to me is a great way to escape from the daily grind and get in touch with myself and surroundings.  Even more so running on trails is a way to escape the daily grind and not only get in touch with myself and surroundings but also nature.  It's like meditating and creating a sense of peace within myself and soul.  I would like to add that wearing and running in your socks, while good for my soul, were also good for my sole.  They absolutely absorbed all moisture and made my shoes feel even better.  You want to wear a sock that enhances your run and experience and these definitely do that and more!  I would recommend them to anyone! - John


Having already been trout fishing that morning, Uncle John had an experience that is typical of fall and winter outdoor activities - your feet sweat with exertion, but the air (or water outside of your waders) is cold enough to make your feet feel both hot, damp, and then quickly cold, the moment you stop moving. The beauty of alpaca is that the hollow core of the fiber can wick moisture away from your feet and store it or release it away from your foot so that you do not get a cold and clammy experience after you've slowed down. The fibers of our Trekker Socks stay warm enough to keep your feet feeling comfortable when your core temperature starts to lower, so that you can take that extra long pause at the top of the trail and just breathe. Goodbye Daily Grind! 

Grace Gouin