Hiking in WNC

By Grace Gouin

When it came time to tell the story of our newest project, the Trekker Socks, we decided that the best way would be to reach out to some folks and ask them to try them out. We asked them to tell the story in their own words, and to try to capture a moment of the peace they experience when they are in their element. We reached out to folks who we admire for their attitude of get-up-and-go, following their own path, and doing what feels good for their souls. 


Our first friend is Chloe de Camara, who has not only hiked the Appalachian Trail but actually works for the Appalachian Trail Conservancy where she helps to coordinate volunteers who maintain the trail, a.k.a "Trail Angels". When we first contacted her about the project she was quick to explain that she is something of a sock connoisseur since the socks you wear can make all the difference when it comes to distance hiking. 

We asked her for some thoughts on hiking, the importance of good gear, and how what she does feels good for her soul.


"How do I know what is good for my soul? I would say it's when I feel completely content with where I am, whom I am/or am not surrounded by, and a sense of peace within my heart. I typically feel like this when I'm outside alone. I feel exposed and honest with my thoughts, physical ability, and potential. I've always labeled myself as a bubbly extravert, and find that I easily get along with new people and sometimes even get overexcited with the possibilities of new connections. However, it has come to my attention the past couple of years that I get my energy and feel recharged after hiking alone in the outdoors. No one is there telling me how to hike up that steep incline, no one is saying go faster, no one is there to congratulate me when I get to the top, and I love that. I love being the only motivator to tell myself to push my limits and expand my comfort level. All my time spent alone in the outdoors has allowed me to find comfort in the discomfort, and acknowledge how I react to stresses in life. I'm completely transparent when I'm alone in the woods, and that is how I would I describe what is good for my soul. 

Of course there are ways we can better prepare ourselves to feel comfortable in the outdoors, and good quality clothing and gear certainly helps. Good socks that hold up can make all the difference between a day of self-reflection in the outdoors and a day of wincing at every step due to blisters." -Chloe


Made from 87% Baby Alpaca and reinforced with nylon and elastic, these socks have a cushioned insole, ribbed arch support, and a firm grip on your ankles so that your feet feel supported on long hikes, The natural properties of the alpaca help the socks thermoregulate to keep your feet warm while simultaneously absorbing moisture so that your feet are not sweaty or uncomfortable. They are also not a good environment for bacteria so they are good on long trips and can go a few wears between washes.


We could not have asked for a more beautiful day to take a hike with Chloe as she tested out our new socks and gave us tips for packing light, hiking day after day, and the importance of having great gear so you can enjoy the bigger picture. 

Grace Gouin