Inspiring Artist: Studio Weyh

By Allyson Ansusinha

Asheville-based, Columbia, SC-born artist and designer Cory Williams (Founder and Creative Director of Studio Weyh) is inspired by the grit of the South Carolina city he grew up in and the Japanese design philosophy of Wabi Sabi, to name just two. The urban decay of rusting metal piqued his interest early on and has stuck with him; he finds beauty in the slightly imperfect and weathered. At 18, Williams took a job with a metal sculptor and learned the trade himself. On one of his first days on the job he caught himself on fire, but he's come a long way since then. To watch him work is to watch a true craftsman in his elementβ€”he is methodical, intentional, and meticulous. His aesthetic is clean and minimal, his polished designs feature carefully selected focal points and thoughtfully chosen materials, usually different types of metal (steel, brass, bronze, etc) and high quality wood. 


To me, one of the most interesting things about Williams’ metal work is the disparity between the space he creates in and the final work that comes out of it. His studio is gritty, perhaps a reflection of the inspiration of his past. It is cold, with concrete floors, large industrial tools for pressing, bending, grinding, turning and welding metal. I don't mean to say he doesn't keep it clean- for a metal workshop the space is extremely clean. But to see the work of Studio Weyh you might think it's created in a laboratory with its clean, dynamic lines and minimal design.

The marks of the maker are truly beautiful, yet aren't easy to recognize as his craftsmanship is so pristine; rings of subtle shine on the bottom of his cookware hint at the hundreds of times the metal was pressed into shape, the curve of his Wrap Pins and Hair Pins bear the impression of the hammer that formed them.

We commissioned Studio Weyh to design and make the newest in our Artisan Series: the Wrap Pin, specifically for our Ribbed Baby Alpaca Scarf. With careful use, the pin can also be used for a decorative and secure touch of shine on our Classic Baby Alpaca Wraps. Their simplicity in design doesn't detract from their function: they're also a chic way to keep your hair back and secure without damaging it with the use of elastic bands.

The Artisan Series Wrap Pin by Studio Weyh is made of bronze and hand formed into a crescent like semi circle with two tines. The spare design is beautiful and versatile, it will complement everything in your wardrobe. These pins make great gifts for the minimalist in your life, as they don't compromise style for utility. They serve two purposes that we can count, and we know you'll love yours so much you'll be wearing it all year long!

To find out more about Cory Williams and Studio Weyh visit his website:

Photos courtesy of @weyhprocess on Instagram and Nicole McConville LLC

Grace Gouin