Tiny Living for the Soul

By Grace Gouin

As part of Echoview's mission toward a more sustainable future, we try to think about the things we make in terms of quality, not quantity. Most people understand that when it comes to sustainability and the future, less is more. Though, it is fair to say that the folks who embody that message to the fullest are folks who have decided to downsize and reduce their footprint by moving into smaller spaces.

When we learned that our longtime friend Tiffany, a creative writer and storyteller, was downsizing into her very own small home, we asked her to give our Alpaca Trekker Socks socks a try. She shared a quiet morning with us as well as some thoughts on how her transition has been fueling her soul.

"When we remove some of the mechanization from our lives and learn how to take care of ourselves fully again, we rekindle our relationship with everything around us. We learn what we need to survive piece by piece and in doing so realize that we can and that doing so doesn’t require a lot, which re-frames what we need. In a small space, every thing (whether it’s art, clothes, utensils, whatever) must be cherished or have a function (or three). That process, that self-evolution, a personal revolution, allows me to focus on how what I do impacts the world and reinforces my true place in nature and ability to create change in the world. There is nothing more beautiful than that." - Tiffany


We couldn't agree more. We put a lot of thought into the design of these socks, but the natural qualities of the alpaca that go into them are what make them versatile enough to score a place even in the tiniest of wardrobes! 

Grace Gouin