Process: Wooly Handwarmer

I began to fantasize about knitting this project a few years ago when I started wearing a suede jacket with three quarter length sleeves. I would sometimes drape an overlarge scarf over my wrists and hands if I was caught out later in the evening in the jacket and needed to warm up my hands - this sparked a dim memory of an accessory that I had in my dress up box as a kid; presumably something that was one of the many hand-me-down items from my grandmother. A quick google search revealed that this accessory, the Muff, presumably derives its name and origin from the latin muffulae, or Old French moufle (I’m not kidding) and evolved from a sheepskin covering that monks wore to the fashion accessory known in England as the Muff. Both men and women wore it as a popular accessory from the 17th to the early 20th century, though primarily women wore it later in its popularity. With the exception of a brief comeback in the 50’s and 60’s, I’m not entirely sure why this handy accessory has not made it’s way back into mainstream use, but honestly it feels like it’s time. 

The design is a very simple shape; the fun part is the loop stitch, which is enjoyable and gratifying once you get the hang of it. We made a video of how to knit the loop stitch to help out if you are a visual learner and are curious to give it a try! The best part about the stitch is that the back can be as beautiful as the front - this inspired me to give the hand warmer a clean finish so that it can be worn with the textured loops out as an accessory, or with the loops turned in for an extra snug fit and loads of warmth (think cold weather walks). 

Knitting with our Haley Yarn is seriously a dream. The beautiful blend of three fibers create a yarn that feels very nearly like silk and the slightly bigger weight means that it knits up quickly. I noticed, while developing the pattern, that people could not help but come up and touch the sample. From the interesting stitch to the fluffy hallo given off by the luminous blend of Alpaca, Merino, and Mohair, this yarn is clearly begging to be touched - lucky for it, it is being knit into a hand warmer!