Mill Membership

When we are working out a new yarn, product, or idea - irregularities happen! We always offer these yarns, samples, and products for sale in the mill (at a steep discount!), but not everyone gets to visit us! So in an effort to bring the online community into a more intimate relationship with us here at the mill, we have decided to create a mill membership. Here is what happens when you become a member:

  • You’ll receive a member card and thank you gift in the mail!

  • All members will get a special code to use online and in the shop for 10% off any regularly priced products you buy. This code CAN be stacked on items that are already marked on sale, so you’ll be able to take an additional 10% off sale items.

  • You’ll get a passcode to a members webpage that will give you access to sample yarns, seconds yarn, and one-of-a-kind apparel that is usually only available in the shop. This web page will be updated monthly, and all members will get a quick reminder email when we’ve updated the members shop with new items.

  • Access to special online sales for members!

This is a new project for us, so feedback on your mill membership is welcome and appreciated!

Membership costs $25. This membership is a yearly fee, and helps us cover the costs of photographing, sorting, listing, and managing these unique orders.


Already a Member?

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