We're dedicated to doing our part to stop putting an unnecessary tax on the environment for the sake of a few bucks. The pace of consumerism is vastly out of step with our planet's natural resources, and we believe in taking responsible steps towards the future. On an average day, our entire operation derives 50% of its electricity from the solar panels on our roof, we work to source our materials locally and domestically from renewable resources, we save and reuse waste from our manufacturing process, and we research new ways to make changes. We also hope that our products serve as ambassadors of our mission by lasting longer, serving multiple purposes, and encouraging people to make things themselves so they, too, can help slow the pace of mass production. 


It is important to us that we are a living wage certified company. Making things for fun is fun, making things for a living can be really hard work. In our industry, ethics are often sacrificed for profit, and manufacturing has moved further and further away at the expense of jobs, the environment, and even workers lives. There are no excuses for factory collapses like Rana Plaza for the sake of cheap fashion - somebody is always paying the cost. We work hard to ensure that Echoview is as safe and healthy a workplace as possible, and ensuring a fair living wage is part of that package. 



Process matters - in more ways than one. Environmentally, Echoview has achieved something quite remarkable in reducing the carbon footprint of our products by creating a space where fiber can go from a raw cut to a finished product in one building. Process also matters when it comes to creating a high quality end product. To read more about our process, from raw fiber to finished product, check out this handy webpage


Our products are unique because they are asking you to participate and interact with them by making something that you'll cherish. By participating in their making, we believe you'll end up buying fewer things that you toss. By being a part of a community of inspired makers and individuals, you foster a new age of thoughtfulness. By having them in your home, you hold the end product of our process, which is working to slow down an unsustainable system. 


Change happens on a community level, whether that is a community of farmers, knitters, designers, or simply people who like to shop sustainably and simplify their lives. We've found ourselves at the crossroads of these groups of people for years and are so happy that all of these communities continue to expand. It is up to companies to be honest and transparent with their communities, and to work together with them to get the present right, so that we all have a healthy future ahead. We use some social media platforms to connect with community, and love having conversations about our mutual interests and new ideas - so please connect with us, and say "hi"!


Who knew yarn could make such a difference and be so squishy at the same time?