All Cream by Fat and the Moon

All Cream by Fat and the Moon

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We love this All Cream made by Fat and the Moon because of its thick, creamy texture and its truly dreamy scent. The ingredients are whipped to a thick, creamy texture which spreads beautifully, while the aloe gives it a soothing quality, and the rosewater gives it the most incredible scent. The All Cream can be used from your face down to your toes, and a little goes a long way so you can really enjoy the whole container. Because Fat and the Moon does not use any chemical preservatives in their products, it is recommended that you use the product within 4 months of opening.

Made in the USA, available in 2 oz and 6 oz.


  • sunflower oil*

  • aloe vera*

  • shea butter*

  • rosewater*

  • beeswax 

  • elderberry extract


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