Cloverdale Organics - Aloe Vera Gentle Cleanser

Cloverdale Organics - Aloe Vera Gentle Cleanser


This gentle but effective facial cleanser is created by Cloverdale Organics, a company founded on skincare enthusiasm and a dedication to finding organic and non-toxic ways to care for our skin. This cleanser gently removes dirt and makeup from your skin, and washes off easily without leaving a tight or mask-like feeling that many traditional cleansers give. This 2oz glass bottle goes a long way, and has a snap on plastic cap that makes traveling with the cleanser easy.

This product pairs wonderfully with Cloverdale Organic’s Featherweight Facial Serum.

Active Ingredients:

+ Soapberry - contains natural saponins that provide cleansing properties. Due to their strong anti-microbial activities, plant derived saponins fight infection and suppress the growth of bacteria on the skin.

+ Aloe vera helps to heal the skin by synthesizing collagen, connective tissues, and helps to keep moisture in and pollutants out.

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