Cloverdale Organics - Facial Steam Blends

Cloverdale Organics - Facial Steam Blends


We know that practicing self care is something many of us strive to do but sometimes struggle to make time for and that is why we love these Facial Seam Blends from Cloverdale Organics. After you’ve had a chance to wash your face and remove any makeup, simply add a tablespoon or two of a blend into a large bowl of very hot water, drape a towel over the back of your head to capture the steam, and bend over the bath. You’ll enjoying the relaxing smells of the herbs and your face will enjoy the benefits of the steam and the healing quality of the herbs.

The process is quick and easy to do and feels even better when followed by Cloverdale Organic’s Featherweight Facial Serum.

Lemongrass + Fennel Active Ingredients and Attributes:

+ *Mullein  - detoxifying

+ *Rose - soothing

+ *Rosemary - conditioning

+ *Calendula - toning

+ *Fennel - cellular repair

+ *Lavender - antibacterial

+ *Lemongrass - oil reducing

+ *Chamomile - acne fighting

Rosemary + Hops Active Ingredients and Attributes:

*Rose - soothing

*Hops - moisturizing

*Rosemary - conditioning

*Lavender - antibacterial

*Echinacea - collagen boosting

*Peppermint - stimulates oil production

( * = certified organic ingredient)

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