Coco Knits - Leather Cord Stitch Holder

Coco Knits - Leather Cord Stitch Holder


Because you can’t sacrifice all of your circular needle cords to holding your stitches, Coco Knits has created these wonderful tools to help you keep your stitches in order. the leather cords fit into the end of the metal needle tips which make it super easy to pick up your stitches when you’re ready to put them on hold. You then tie the cord into a knot and you simply remove the metal tips and stash them back in the adorable little box!

The Leather Cord and Needle Stitch Holder Kit contains:

  • two interior-threaded needles made of nickel plated steel

  • three lengths of leather cord

    • one long – for holding sts of sweater body (59"/150 cm)

    • two short – for holding sts of sleeves (29.5"/75 cm)

Caring for your Leather Cord Stitch Holder Kit:

  • Just like hands, leather can get dry & needs moisturizing. We suggest treating the cord with Thread Magic or another thread conditioner to keep your cords smooth and limber.

  • Screw the needle on only until it is attached to the cord.  If you continue to over-screw, you risk breaking the leather inside the needle.

  • Snipping the end of your leather cord at an angle will facilitate attaching the needle. 

  • Leather has a grain, so be sure to "go with the grain" when sliding stitches on & off the cord. 

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