Cora Ball

Cora Ball


A new addition to our family of earth-friendly laundry tools is the Cora Ball! This playful product actually tackles a serious problem facing the whole planet - microfibers that get washed from your laundry into the waterway and eventually into the ocean. While we are on a mission here to move towards natural fibers like wool and organic cotton, we realize that that is not a one-step process, and that even the staunchest natural fiber fanatic has got some polyester or nylon somewhere in their laundry cycle. This genius product lives in the washing machine with your clothes, and as the wash cycle progresses it picks up microfibers and traps them in its wiggly blue fingers. At the end of your laundry cycle, you grab the Cora Ball before your clothes go into the dryer. You then clean out the microfibers from the Cora Ball and dispose of the in the trash, not the drain.

Do not use the Cora Ball in your laundry along with lace items, or items with tassels!

Made in Vermont using recycled plastic.

Read more on how to use Cora Ball on their website.

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Natural Laundry Care:


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