Craft & Practice: Meditations on Creativity & Ethics

Craft & Practice: Meditations on Creativity & Ethics


by Lise Silva Gomes

“The purpose of this guide is to support a dialogue on boundaries & ethics in creative communities. The respect of others’ boundaries creates trust & that trust leads to more widespread sharing of information/skills. As a result, a thriving, inspiring, abundant creative community appears. This guide is only the start of a conversation, & its points are indeed suggestions, meditations, or talking points rather than immutable rules. It was authored with the input of many creative friends who are makers, artist, & teachers.

As this is intended to be a living document, teachers & artists can use excerpt of this document as handouts in classes, & edit, rephrase or quote freely. Please share, quote, & discuss freely for any educational, publicly accessible, nonprofit use only. Net proceeds of book sales are given to the charities listed on the back page.”

From the cover page of the book, by Lise Silva Gomes

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