Crochet 101

Crochet 101


Saturday, July 13, 1 - 3 PM

Learn the basic stitches used in crochet, and discover the many ways to combine them into beautiful pieces. From making your first chain stitch to tying off your piece, this workshop will help you build your crocheting vocabulary and introduce you to everything you need to know to make simple crochet pieces. Materials covered by the class fee include a DK Merino yarn spun here at the mill and a Twin Birch crochet hook.

Unlike knitting, crochet uses only one hooked needle, and works only one stitch at a time. This means that crocheters are less likely than knitters to drop stitches, and even if stitches are skipped the pattern won’t easily come unraveled. Crocheting also usually produces a thicker finished piece than knitting does, and many prefer crocheting over knitting because of the freedom allowed by the nature of the stitching.

No experience needed!

About the Teacher

Alden has been knitting and crocheting since the third grade, and is mostly self taught. Many of her earliest creations were sweaters for stuffed animals and dolls. In high school she helped fund her extra curricular activities by selling crocheted hats, all of her own design, and each a unique creation. While Alden knits more than crochets now, she enjoys having the ability to do both, and believes understanding the similarities between the two help make her both a better knitter and a better crocheter.

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