Deodorant Cream by Fat and the Moon

Deodorant Cream by Fat and the Moon

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If you’re still in the mindset that all deodorant must come in a single use plastic tube, or worse in an aerosol can, let us introduce you to our your new best friend - Deodorant Cream by Fat and the Moon. This lovely blend smells wonderful, and is super easy to apply. Grab a small amount on your finger tips and gently apply to your underarm. Voila! It is so important not to put products laden with harsh chemicals into such a sensitive and permeable part of your body, especially when some carefully chosen essential oils and a little baking soda will do the trick. The combination of clary sage, bergamot, tea tree, and grapefruit give Deodorant Cream it’s clean and fresh smell.

If you have any reaction to baking soda or know that you have particularly sensitive skin, check out Sensitive Pit Cream by Fat and the Moon.

Made in the USA, available in 2 and 6 fl. oz.


  • coconut oil*

  • baking soda (aluminum free)

  • arrowroot powder*

  • beeswax

  • essential oil of black pepper*

  • essential oil of clary sage*

  • essential oil of bergamot*

  • essential oil of tea tree*

  • essential oil of grapefruit*


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