Lavender Eye Pillows and Sachets

Lavender Eye Pillows and Sachets

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Our Lavender Eye Pillows and Sachets are handmade right here in the mill using scrap fabric from our knitting machine and cut & sewing operations. Available in two sizes - a small sachet size perfect for a scarf drawer or as a desktop de-stresser, or eye pillow size which are just the right size for catching some shut eye.

We fill each bag with a mixture of organic buckwheat hulls and lavender from our farm. The buckwheat hulls are a scentless hull produced as a byproduct of buckwheat and have been used as a pillow stuffing in Japan for over 600 hundred years because of their ability to keep their shape without harboring dust mites or bacteria.

These are handmade products using various materials from around the mill so the pattern of your fabric will be unique and a happy surprise. You can select fiber content from the dropdown menu below!


  • Sachet - Approximately 3” square

  • Eye Pillow - Approximately 2.5” x 8”

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