Long Lines Vest

Long Lines Vest


One of the neatest things about Echoview’s Long Lines Poncho is that they are knit on our knitting machine in a single piece, the same way that we would hand knit it, rather than being cut out of an existing fabric. It means that in the production process there are no scraps, and less waste. The downside of this process is that if there is even a single hole in the fabric during the knitting that is too large to easily repair, the whole poncho is lost. We save these seconds, as we save all our scraps and seconds, and have been transforming them into these versatile, one size fits all vest. We use the existing selvedges wherever possible to use as the center seam, hems, and pockets, so some variation in the length of these vests is part of the process.

Our Long Lines Vest will be available as we have access to materials, and will be listed by colorway.


  • Made in the USA

  • Knit from a blend of Alpaca and Wool

  • Open Size

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