Lykke Circular and Interchangeable Needles

Lykke Circular and Interchangeable Needles

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We are proud to be carrying these beautiful interchangeable and fixed length circular knitting needles byLYKKE - named after the Norwegian word for “happy” their motto is Make Happy! and with these needles we certainly do. Each wooden needle is hand crafted in Nepal by a community of artisans that grows as the popularity of these beautiful grows as well. Interchangeable needles make it possible for you to keep all the needles you need in one tidy case that is perfect for travel, or for the space conscious knitter who is ready to downsize their needle collection. Alternatively, for the knitter who is looking to round out an existing fixed length needle collection, the fixed length Lykke needles are a beautiful addition to your collection.

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The beauty of interchangeable needles is that you can swap out needles mid project but keep your same cord length! Here we demonstrate how to use the different components that come with the interchangeable needles and show how to easily switch needles.

  1. Once you have your correct needle sizes and cord length, grab the small metal key that comes with the kit and insert it into the small hole just below the screw threads at the metal end of the cord.


2. The key gives you the leverage you’ll need in order to screw on the needle tight enough that it will not come loose while you are knitting. Alternatively, it will give you the leverage you need to be able unscrew a needle once it comes time to change your needle to another size. You’ll use your fingers to hold the key still while you screw the needle on or off.


3. Screwing the needle on and iff the cord is easy to do. You’ll just keep turning until it is nice and tight!


4. Take out the key and repeat the process on the other side. Then you’ll just need to make sure you store you key somewhere safe for future uses! If you do end up misplacing your key, a sturdy paper clip can work as well.


Your interchangeable needles will also come with these black caps that screw to the end of the cord. This can be helpful if you have a work in progress but need to use the needles for another project - just pop the cap on the end and secure your project from sliding off accidentally. You can also use this method to hold neck stitches or sleeves as you knit.