Rigid Heddle Rag Rug Workshop - Saturday June 16 & 23

Rigid Heddle Rag Rug Workshop - Saturday June 16 & 23


Saturday, June 16th 12 - 4 PM

Saturday June 23rd, 12 - 4 PM

A summertime take on our popular rigid heddle weaving class, this 2 part workshop will teach you the basics of warping a Schacht Rigid Heddle Loom, designing your rug, making yarn from an old garment or sheet, and weaving your very own rag rug. The first week will address dressing the loom and making your yarn, and the second week will cover weaving the rug, finishing the piece, and cutting it off the loom. Each student will go home with a unique rug made from recycled materials!


Loom and warp thread will be provided with the workshop. We will also have a stash of leftover tshirts from our clothing swap earlier this year in case you want to use those rather than bringing something from home. Students are welcome to bring old shirts, tshirs, jeans, fabric, or sheets from home and will be taught how to cut them up and wind them into balls of yarn. During the week between the class participants may need to do a little more rag cutting at home to be ready for the second week. Class also includes a handout that covers the basics of warping your loom and weaving. Looms are available for sale after the class.

If additional time it needed for weaving it can be scheduled during the weeks after the class during regular business hours at the mill.

About the teacher:

Amalia Fragoso-Eby is runs the mill floor here at the mill and does our yarn development! She has been weaving for years after falling in love with textiles during college. She has been weaving rugs ever since. She made the rug pictured here with 2 t-shirts (grey and blue) and part of an old sheet.

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