2 Part Rigid Heddle Rug Weaving Workshop

2 Part Rigid Heddle Rug Weaving Workshop


Saturday, February 24, 12-4:30 PM & Saturday, March 3, 12- 4:30 PM

Learn the basics of warping and weaving with a table top rigid heddle loom, and take home a sumptuous and squishy rug for your home (finished rug measures approximately 2 feet by 4 feet in size). In part 1, you'll working with a partner to help each other out as your learn to warp your loom, and you'll get to work on designing how you want your rug to look.

During Part 2, the following Saturday, you'll be able to weave your rug and cut it off the loom, tie it off, and take it home!

The $150.00 class fee includes materials needed for weaving the rug, and looms are available for sale after the workshop. Space for this class is extremely limited! No previous weaving experience is required. 


Amalia Fragoso-Eby has years of weaving experience under her belt, and rug weaving is what makes her heart really pitter patter. She heads up yarn development here at Echoview, but we all know she really just wants to be working at the loom. 

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