Table Mat - Knit Kit

Table Mat - Knit Kit

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Sometimes the most elegance you'll find is in the simplest design. On the most fundamental level, this beautiful Table Mat is designed to be used in the home to protect table surfaces from cookware that is too hot to sit directly on them, but on an aesthetic level, this super easy knit kit lends a simple elegance to elevate an everyday activity, like having a cup of tea. Made from organic cotton Lanyard Yarn, the Table Mat is plush enough to serve its purpose but soft enough to fold up into your drawer for storage. 


One Size - approximately 13.5” wide x 18” long.

Kit Includes: 

  • One cone of Lanyard Yarn made with 100% Organic Cotton
  • Knitting Pattern
  • Project Bag
  • Twin Birch knitting needles, size US 10.5 (optional, see drop down)


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