Tuft Woolen - Hand & Body Balm

Tuft Woolen - Hand & Body Balm


Makers use their hands all the time and often not too gently, so when your hands are dried and in need of some TLC you can really feel it! We love Tuft Woolens lanolin rich hand & body balm because it delivers loads of delightful smelling lotion right where you need it thanks to their handy applicator. The cap fits on the base securely so that the entire balm can live comfortably in your purse or project bag so that you never have to go without.

From Feb 14th, the packaging has updated. The Hand & Body Balm will be in a black container rather than the current frosted color in the current photos. We will be updating our photos in a few weeks!

Available in Lavender, Honeycomb, Mossy Woods, Russian Flower and Chai Spice.

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