Visible Mending Workshop - Saturday July 28, 1 - 4 PM

Visible Mending Workshop - Saturday July 28, 1 - 4 PM


Saturday, July 28, 1 - 4 PM

In this evening workshop we’ll go over 2 methods for mending clothing and help guide you in the right direction as you revive a favorite piece of clothing. Traditional Japanese sashiko stitching, and a more creative free-form hand darning and embroidery. Bring your worn out jeans, your moth eaten sweater from Grandma, or your best jacket (holes larger than the palm of your hand may be difficult to fit into this workshop, so keep it simple!) Visible mending will add visual interest to your clothing, as well as bring the gratification of finishing a project quick! No experience necessary.


If you don’t have anything at home with a small hole to patch or you forget, we will provide fabric patches that you can work on which can later be applied to a garment or blanket at home. All other materials will be supplied and you’ll be able to go home with a needle and extra embroidery floss for future projects.

If weather permits, class will be held on our front porch so wear something comfortable but bring a layer in case we need to move into air conditioning.

About the teachers:

Julie Jensen is the founder and owner of Echoview Fiber Mill and has been practicing needle arts for decades. She has taken classes in different discipline of textile arts all over the world and uses her experience to grow her practice into the realms. She often spends a night or weekend doing visible mending on Echoview Knitted products that have slight errors and says she likes to #stitchawaythestress

Grace Gouin works at Echoview Fiber Mill and has been working working with fabric for as long as she can remember. She was raised hearing the phrase “Use it up, wear it out, make it do, do without” which gives inspiration to her desire to make and mend clothing.

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